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Claims Recently Paid
New York Life / AARP – $1,500,000
MetLife – $1,250,000
First United American Life – $1,250,000
Primerica Life – $1,250,000
SGLI – $1,250,000
Gerber Life – $1,100,000
Prudential Life – $1,100,000
Lincoln National Life – $1,000,000
Transamerica Life – $1,000,000
Columbian Mutual Life – $900,000
AllState – $850,000
American Heritage Life – $825,000
Stonebridge Life – $800,000
Woodmen Life – $800,000
Aetna Life – $800,000
Cigna Life – $800,000
Anthem Life – $750,000
Surety Life – $750,000
Liberty Life – $725,000
Pioneer Life – $725,000
Liberty Bankers Insurance – $700,000
Dearborn National Life – $700,000
West Coast Life (Protective Ins.) – $700,000
Hartford Life – $675,000
Americo Financial Life – $650,000
Trans General Life – $650,000
Tri State Life – $625,000
Unum – $625,000
Nationwide Life and Annuity Insurance –$600,000
Pavonia Life Insurance Co. Of Michigan –$600,000
Thrivent Life –$500,000
Western & Southern Life – $500,000
Colonial Penn Life – $400,000
Bankers Life – $400,000
Unity Life – $350,000
Globe Life – $300,000
Mutual of Omaha – $300,000
USAA – $300,000
Farmers Life – $300,000
Texas Life –$250,000


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Denied Life Insurance

Don't Give up on a Denied Life Insurance Claim.

Denied Life Insurance

A denied life insurance claim is devastating. When the insurance company sends you a denial letter in the mail, you may not know where to turn.

Delayed Life Insurance

The Effects of Life Insurance Claim Errors.

Delayed Life Insurance

Life insurance claim delays are frustrating. One of the most common reasons for denial is a misstatement on the life insurance application.

Life Insurance Appeal

An Appeal For an Insurance Claim Denial is Possible.

Life Insurance Appeal

Do not accept the refusal to pay as the final word. Recover the money your policy states that you are entitled to receive.

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What do I do when my life insurance claim has been delayed or denied?

You need a firm, and an attorney, that specializes in life insurance claim delays and denials.  While some firms claim that they are life insurance lawyers, many have no experience whatsoever.  With over 18 years of real world experience, and hundreds of life insurance claims won or settled,

Why was my life insurance claim denied?

The insurance companies only make money when they can gather more premium payments than they pay out in insurance benefits.  This gives the insurance companies an incentive to deny as many claims as possible.  Some of these companies will do anything in their power, including illegally delaying your benefits and unlawfully denying your claim, to avoid paying you money.  We will help you fight the insurance company, and their staff of attorneys, to get the benefits that you are entitled to.

How much time does a life insurance company have to pay my claim?

Life insurance companies must investigate your claim within a reasonable period of time. This is usually within 30-60 days of the claim being filed or in accordance with the life insurance policy terms. If your life insurance claim has been wrongfully delayed, you should speak to an experienced life insurance lawyer.

What is the contestable period of a life insurance policy?

The contestable period of a policy refers to the period of time in which a life insurance company may rescind a policy if the insured misrepresented key information on the Application for Insurance. In most states, this period is two (2) years from the policy’s effective date. If an insured person passes away within the contestable period, the life insurance company will conduct an investigation to ensure that all application questions were answered truthfully and accurately. The burden is on the insurance company to prove that the inaccurate or undisclosed information is material to its risk.

What should I do if there was a mistake on the insurance application?

If an insured party mistakenly answered a question on the Application for Insurance inaccurately or incompletely, a court may find the policy language to be ambiguous. The ambiguous language of a life insurance contract is always construed in favor of the insured party and/or beneficiary because the insurance companies draft their own contracts. If you believe that the language used in an application question or in the life insurance policy itself was a misrepresentation, you should consult with an experienced life insurance lawyer about your rights.

What is a Period of Limited Activity?

A life insurance policy may have a clause that delays the effective date of coverage if an insured party or dependent is confined to a hospital or is otherwise unable to carry on the normal activities of healthy person at the policy’s specified effective date. This is a common exclusion in employment policies. If a life insurance company delays or denies your claim based on conflicting medical opinions, you should ask a life insurance lawyer to review your case. 

Can my life insurance claim be denied due to late or missed payments?

An insured party has the right to be notified if the policy is about to lapse for nonpayment. Typically, life insurance policies include a grace period during which time a late premium can be applied without affecting coverage. Life insurance companies must notify an insured party prior to the expiration of the grace period that the policy will lapse if payment is not received by a certain date.

What do I do if I have a life insurance beneficiary dispute?

Every dispute is different and involves unique circumstances. Call us today for a free consultation to review your situation.

What is ERISA?

ERISA, or the Employee Retirement and Security Act of 1974, is a federal statute that controls many employment policies. If the ERISA statute applies to your claim, it is important to consult with a life insurance lawyer experienced in these types of cases without delay. Do not handle your own appeal. If the administrative appeal of a denied ERISA claim is not handled properly, it may prevent or negatively affect the chance of a favorable recovery in court, restrict evidence to the file presented on appeal, and/or bar your claim. 

What do I do if I have an ERISA claim?

Most employer group life insurance policies are governed by ERISA, which preempts state law. Our firm has extensive experience navigating ERISA claims, and can guide you through this process.

How should I handle my accelerated death benefit claim?

We handle all types of life insurance claims and can review your situation in a free consultation.

What do I do if I have an accidental death and dismemberment claim?

Again, our firm handles all types of life insurance claims and can use our experience and expertise to help navigate you through each process. 

Where are you located?

We regularly handle claims from all over the country, with an extensive network of attorneys that are located in or around your area.  We will be here to help when you need us and will give you the individual attention necessary for a quick resolution of your claim. 

How much will it cost to pursue my life insurance claim?

You pay nothing unless we get an award for you.  We offer contingency-based legal representation on nearly every life insurance case. This allows our clients to secure the protection that they deserve without worrying about how to afford an attorney. Our life insurance lawyers will collect wrongfully delayed and denied life insurance proceeds on behalf of you and your family. If we are unsuccessful, you will not owe any legal fees whatsoever.